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Sep 25, 2019

Born a medium, Jake Samoyedny has trained with many of the best mediums today, having studied extensively at the Arthur Findlay college in Stansted, England. He is a proud Registered Lily Dale Medium and a preferred provider for Helping Parents Heal. Jake is the author of three books on mediumship and spirituality: The Compassionate Medium (2014), A Pathway to Eternity (2016), and his newest book, Gatekeeper of the Invisible Door (2019). They are available on Amazon and Kindle. 

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Show Notes

  • Born as a medium - 2:48
  • What exploded his mediumship career - 3:57
  • Stories from the other side - 6:06
  • Knowing that he was a medium - 7:57
  • His cafeteria-style mediumship - 10:43
  • His experience at the Arthur Findlay college - 13:11
  • Doing a maximum of six readings a day - 16:10
  • Jake's long term goal - 20:12
  • Lisa reads some cards for Jake - 22:44
  • Gatekeeper of the Invisible Door: True Stories of Children In Spirit Book - 27:05
  • Lisa read some cards about receiving messages from the other side. 30:17
  • Message from the Angels - 32:40

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