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May 2, 2018

Amy Turner will be your biggest cheerleader but watch out because she will not buy into any BS limiting beliefs from you.  She is on a mission to make sure everyone knows they deserve to be seen and heard for who they truly are and in doing so, help people stop their "not good enough" beliefs and instead create new empowering beliefs.

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Show Notes

  • Amy’s background and mission - 0:53
  • From working at a psychiatric hospital to being a coach - 2:27
  • Her eye opening experience with a shaman and realizing she’s good enough - 4:43
  • Why she is speaking her truth and helping other do it - 9:11
  • The deepest fear that people have - 10:57
  • How a book helped transform her life - 17:07
  • Lisa doing a reading for Amy - 25:08
  • How to confront the BS in your life - 28:48
  • Special listener reading from Lisa - 33:03


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