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Jan 8, 2020

William Peters, MFT, M.Ed. is a family therapist and founder of the Shared Crossing Project. He directs its research initiative that studies extraordinary end-of-life experiences. William conducts workshops and presents nationally on his research. His two Near-Death Experiences and various Shared Death Experiences inform his work in conscious end-of-life preparation. Listen and enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • Unlocking the perspective on death and life - 2:20
  • Research about near-death experiences - 3:05
  • Presenting his research at conferences - 4:42
  • How Lisa and William met - 5:32
  • What happens that allows you to have Near-Death experiences - 10:35
  • Training people about Near-Death experiences - 11:14
  • Previous research about shared near-death experiences - 13:26
  • Different end-of-life experiences - 17:26
  • An early or delay shared near-death experience - 18:56
  • These experiences are more common than we know - 25:16
  • William's favorite story about his research - 25:33
  • Synchronicities and coincidences - 30:35
  • Lisa reads some cards for William - 32:08
  • Get in touch with William - 38:00
  • Lisa reads some cards about shared near-death experiences - 39:49
  • What the Beings of Love and Light have to share about shared death experiences - 41:57

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