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Sep 27, 2017

Scientific hand analysis, human design reader, and certified beta practitioner healer Megha Bradley speaks with our host Lisa Jones about finding your purpose, taking action, and getting your soul and life to align together.

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Show notes:

00:00 Intro

01:20 Megha Bradley, life-transformation strategist, uses a combination of science, healing, and intuition with 20 years of business ownership experience to help others to embrace the power of their purpose.

03:53 Finding your path

05:04 The awakening moment

07:15 Getting statements-- exactly what they needed

08:34 Seeing cowboys and Indians outside your door isn’t normal?

09:35 Near death experience

11:41 Dealing with overcommitment

12:30 Just because you are in line with your life purpose, if you are not in alignment with your soul, you are still out of alignment

13:31 Out-of-body experience during automobile accident

14:31 I didn’t do what I came here to do

15:32 Now able to speak from a place wouldn’t have been able to otherwise

16:59 The wake up call-- your words are powerful

18:15 Get on purpose

20:10 We can’t perform surgery on ourselves

21:06 “You can’t make this stuff up” moment

22:58 “Mega-church!”

24:39 Meet Jim Carrey

25:35 Pulling cards

27:50 Life is short, so why not?

28:24 Don’t fall into the trap of saying “Some day I’ll do it”

29:37 Start showing me signs, and then listen to it

31:02 Trust your God-given gifts

31:27 How to find Megha and join her “Enchanted Life Society”