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Dec 6, 2017

Croix Sather is living the off beat dream and accomplishing crazy awesome things. He ran across America and then beat the world record running through Death Valley. Now he is pursuing the mobile nomadic lifestyle living part time in the US and part time jumping from city to city in Latin America and currently spending the weekend in Canada.

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Show Notes

  • Why he’s living in a nomadic lifestyle right now - 2:35
  • His story of running across America - 5:09
  • Where is your calling coming from? - 6:45
  • There’s more to life than work - 9:43
  • If you have the calling to do something different you have to be strong enough in yourself - 12:00
  • Surround yourself with people who are doing something you like - 13:23
  • Look for the signs that you’re on the right path - 15:09
  • Lisa doing a reading for Croix - 19:22
  • Why there’s no balance in life - 23:10
  • Life is all about choices - 25:30

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