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Jun 27, 2018

Patty Lennon is a former corporate banker who transitioned to be a life coach. She shares with us the story about her mother's illness and how she ultimately helped her cross over to the other side.


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Show Notes

  • Patty explains her mother's illness - 2:43
  • The starting point of Patty's mother transition to the other side - 4:37
  • Understanding the beautiful experience that our loved ones go through when they die - 7:30
  • Patty shares the last moments of her mother - 9:00
  • Patty's mother regrets that she hadn't written the book of love - 11:10
  • Patty thinks that we are in constant communion with the divine - 16:50
  • Patty shares how she saw her dead aunt - 17:30
  • The importance of chakra and intuitive area - 19:20
  • Patty shares the story about the day that her mother passed away - 21:35
  • Lisa also shares her story about her mother's death - 27:00
  • Patty tells us that Lisa's book helps to understand death - 29:09
  • Patty tells us how her mom came back to her months after her death - 31:20
  • Lisa reads some cards for Patty - 36:19
  • Lisa reads some cards for us about spending the last few days with someone that you love - 40:40


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