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Feb 19, 2020

Dr. Terri Daniel is a clinical chaplain, certified trauma professional, and end-of-life educator certified in death, dying and bereavement. Her life work focuses on helping the dying and the bereaved find healing through meditative, ceremonial and therapeutic processes that focus on inner transformation rather than external events. She is the author of four books on death and the afterlife, and is also the founder of the annual Afterlife Awareness Conference. Terri also has a podcast “Ask Dr. Death” launching in February on all major platforms.

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Show Notes

  • Interested in death after her son's death - 3:40
  • Being a hospice volunteer - 4:10
  • Receiving messages from your loved ones - 7:32
  • Keeping a journal with your dreams - 8:08
  • Keeping track of your dreams - 9:20
  • Things that happen in your dreams are symbols - 12:54
  • Variations of dreams - 14:55
  • The importance of shared consciousness about death in society - 18:23
  • Her experience as a hospice volunteer - 20:35
  • Training and learning to help patients in many ways - 21:33
  • Teaching death in some colleges - 24:04
  • Helping patients accept death - 25:28
  • Becoming a chaplain - 32:00
  • Lisa reads some cards for Terri - 35:00
  • Understanding death and grief - 37:34
  • We have to teach ourselves to understand grief - 41:03
  • Terri's classes and workshops - 42:37
  • Lisa reads some cards about the grieving process - 43:31

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