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Dec 20, 2017

Marc Levine is the creator of Improv My Sales which is designed to help both business owners and corporate employees become more vulnerable, better listeners and ultimately create a better experience for customers which boosts sales revenue. His improv and team building workshops are guaranteed to be a fun and life changing learning experience.


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Show Notes

  • Introducing Marc - 2:05
  • Why he started taking improv classes over 20 years ago - 3:51
  • How improv helps businesses people - 5:02
  • Becoming vulnerable and pulling down people's guards 7:36
  • Playing improv games at a team building workshop - 12:00
  • How Marc is connected to something bigger than us - 14:43
  • Why he works with business owners - 17:14
  • Lisa doing a reading for Marc - 19:40
  • How language instantly lightens up how we look at things - 24:33


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