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Feb 14, 2018

After facing a near death experience and the challenges of her only child going through a drug addition she found her awakening. Following her heart she quit her $200,000 a year job, sold her home and gave away most of her possessions to go on adventure.


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Show Notes

  • Why she decided to make a transition away from her high paying career - 2:50
  • The two events that changed her life - 4:10
  • How Reiki and God make all the difference - 7:30
  • Facing the horrible news of her son going to prison - 11:09
  • How Lisa and Sara met - 12:53
  • Sara’s transformation dream that lead her to Bali - 15:23
  • Traveling for her first time along and feeling the happiness and energy from travel - 18:00
  • Her biggest takeaway from traveling alone - 19:15
  • How she found her twin flame while traveling - 22:16
  • Lisa doing a reading for Sara - 25:03
  • Sara’s words of encouragement for people that are stuck - 30:02
  • Bonus listener reading from Lisa - 31:50


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