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Sep 20, 2017

Coming out of the psychic closet is hard in today’s society. Today host Lisa Jones speaks with Nancie Benson- a breakthrough psychic medium and energy healer, who also happens to work in the corporate world. Listen to this episode to break through your fear and align with the spiritual world within us all.

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Show Notes:
00:00 Intro
01:16 Nancie Benson, internationally known breakthrough catalyst psychic medium and energy master, who works with innovative leaders. Co-author of a best-selling book Overcomer’s INC.
02:05 Coming out of the psychic closet
02:38 Thoughts on being “woo-woo”
07:28 What was your awakening moment?
08:37 “I had a full blown panic attack and thought I was going to die”
12:14 Align with your purpose.
15:28 It’s all about being open and aware
16:30 Ride the wave
17:52 When you focus on negativity, you feed it.
19:11 Hand analysis
25:58 “You can’t make this shit up” moment.
26:30 How I met the millionaire medium
30:27 As you start to embrace it, your sub-conscious fights it
31:46 This is what is going to save our world
33:43 We need to be looking at things in a different way
37:56 Operating from the whole self gives you power
40:32 Ronald Reagan had an astrologer
41:10 How Nancie can help you
44:39 Listener gift: Free 60 minute “Where is my Money” session