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Dec 13, 2017

Goldyn Duffy has a way of explaining the Law of Attraction, mindfulness and the vibration of thoughts like no other. Together with Lisa they talk about how you have to release the beliefs from the past to create new beliefs and vibrations to attract the life you want. In today’s conversation you’ll hear how Goldyn is a talented speaker who makes this type of expanding fun and interactive.

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Show Notes

  • Getting deeper with mindfulness - 2:15
  • Through our mindfulness is how we begin to create new experiences without dragging in the past - 3:52
  • Understanding your mind patterns - 5:42
  • We can create anything if we come from the right belief system - 7:07
  • Feelings vs Thoughts - 9:22
  • You have to release the beliefs you have to create new ones - 9:57
  • Why it’s not the thought that creates the vibration - 11:57
  • If you have something triggering you, you need to heal it within - 16:37
  • How Goldyn had her awakening moment - 17:34
  • Are food and emotions more connected than we realize? - 20:42
  • Creating a positive energy in the home with your family - 23:27
  • It’s all about finding your unique gifts in life - 26:16
  • Lisa doing a reading for Goldyn - 26:45
  • Creating new traditions especially during the holidays - 30:28

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