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Jun 20, 2018

Once again, Lisa brings us along and explains her transition from the Millionaire Medium podcast to the new Exploring Death podcast. She talks about the purpose of the show which is to take away the stigma and negativity surrounding death.

Lisa talks about her experience of losing her husband at 37 and how she changed what she had learned before about death.

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Show Notes

  • Lisa's background and experiences surrounding death - 1:07
  • Lisa shares how she learned to coach people into spiritual experiences - 6:33
  • She shares her vision of spirituality and business- 7:20
  • She wants to explain to people that death isn't dark - 9:00
  • Make sure your family knows your wishes for the end of your life - 11:40
  • Lisa mentions the recent celebrity suicides, her thoughts on those and the idea of suicide itself - 13:50
  • Lisa explains her famous card reading -18:40
  • This week's card reading about death - 20:14


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