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Jun 6, 2018

JC Gordon had a near death experience that completely changed his life. From a busy world of working in the financial industry to selling his company and living in the country he began a change of life. Little did he know his accident would cause him to awaken, travel to the light and realize his purpose on earth.


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Show Notes

  • Why he got away from the busy energy of a major city to a small city.
  • How he nearly died from a chainsaw accident and travelled to the light.
  • Why he never felt any pain in his accident.
  • His negotiation to stay here on earth.
  • How we as a mankind are moving into a new state or progression.
  • How his biological age is reducing and what that means to you.
  • What happens to people when they go to the light.
  • What peaking is and how you can get any answers you’re seeking.
  • Why nobody should be afraid of death.


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