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Jan 15, 2020

In October 2016, Jim was flying one of his historical reproduction airplanes over the Connecticut countryside. Suddenly, he lost power and crashed into a forest, rupturing his lungs, breaking all his ribs and shattering his right leg. LifeStar life-flighted him to the Hartford Hospital, where the surgeons prepared him for day-long operation by putting him into a week-long coma. It was then that he had his NDE and went to a place called the “in between.”

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Show Notes

  • How Jim and Lisa met - 3:50
  • Jim's Near-Death Story - 4:46
  • How did he not die? - 6:15
  • What he saw in his Near-Death Experience - 8:40
  • A place where there was absolute silence - 9:44
  • Being in the "in between" - 11:52
  • What Jim learned about mercy - 17:40
  • Amnesia two days before the crash - 20:24
  • The after-effects of the NDE - 23:57
  • What premonitions are for Jim? - 27:49
  • Can premonitions happen? - 32:44
  • Jim's biggest takeaway from his NDE - 36:34
  • In living right, the right thing will happen - 39:36
  • Being born with everything we need to be happy - 42:00
  • Opportunities exist for people who see them - 43:17
  • Lisa reads some cards for Jim - 43:33
  • It is all about gratitude for your life - 46:00
  • Lisa reads some cards about premonitions - 49:52
  • The beings of love and light message - 53:10

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