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Jan 29, 2020

Becky Aud-Jennison identifies as a DeathTalker— a therapist gone rogue. A fire was lit in Becky to create The Death Dialogues Project after intimately walking her brother and mother Home in 2017. But it was her dad’s visits after his death that validated that, indeed, energy does not die. A believer that our stories are the greatest teachers about all things death, her mission is to help bring conversations surrounding dying, death and the aftermath out of the closet. 

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Show Notes

  • Being a death talker - 1:32
  • Energy does not die - 1:53
  • Becky's father’s death - 2:30
  • Her father had “brain death” - 5:12
  • Her family's story - 9:06
  • Having a visitation, her dad gave her a big hug - 9:28
  • Having a really deep connection with death - 11:26
  • We still miss our loved ones - 12:40
  • The experience of losing her brother - 14:39
  • Her brother’s experience with brain cancer - 17:47
  • The whole family taking care of her oldest brother - 21:21
  • The human connection with death - 22:44
  • Talking about the death process - 28:46
  • Dialogues with her loved ones -  30:32
  • Becky's experience with her mom's death - 32:22
  • The moment of her mom's death - 33:28
  • What happens when you are close to death - 35:37
  • Lisa reads some cards for Becky -  38:24
  • The Death Dialogues Project - 43:00
  • Lisa reads some cards about transition and conversations about death - 44:37

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