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Dec 26, 2018

A very rare opportunity to hear from a leading authority on near-death experiences, on this episode we are joined by Dr. Raymond Moody, a world-renowned scholar, lecturer, researcher and a bestselling author of twelve books, including ¨Life after Life, Glimpses of Eternity and Reunions¨, which has sold millions of copies worldwide.

Dr. Moody offers a variety of Lectures, workshops, and presentations on topics including, near-death experiences, death with dignity, encounters with departed loved ones, the healing power of humor, and the loss of children.

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Show Notes

  • Dr. Moody's Background - 2:19
  • Common human experience - 7:11
  • Never had a near death experience - 9:14
  • Philosophy is language - 9:56
  • Thoughts on life after death - 11:09
  • Thinking logically - 11:56
  • Dr. Moody's book: Making sense of not sense - 12:17
  • Working with over 300 murderers - 20:45
  • Life is so weird - 23:40
  • Discussing skepticism - 29:58
  • Coming to the end of his life - 32:52
  • Get in touch with Dr. Moody - 38:04
  • Lisa reads some cards about freedom - 39:07


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