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Jun 27, 2018

Patty Lennon is a former corporate banker who transitioned to be a life coach. She shares with us the story about her mother's illness and how she ultimately helped her cross over to the other side.


Do you have an exploring death story you’d like to share with Lisa? Please leave a comment on the podcast or contact...

Jun 20, 2018

Once again, Lisa brings us along and explains her transition from the Millionaire Medium podcast to the new Exploring Death podcast. She talks about the purpose of the show which is to take away the stigma and negativity surrounding death.

Lisa talks about her experience of losing her husband at 37 and how she changed...

Jun 13, 2018

Jerome Braggs is knowns as “The Soul Medicine Man.” He has had two near death experiences and was diagnosed with AIDS and kidney failure, then given forty-eight hours to live. When he had his awakening experiences he realized he created the diseases in his body and learned how to let it go and heal himself.



Jun 6, 2018

JC Gordon had a near death experience that completely changed his life. From a busy world of working in the financial industry to selling his company and living in the country he began a change of life. Little did he know his accident would cause him to awaken, travel to the light and realize his purpose on earth.