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Mar 11, 2020

Scott Lawlor is an ambient artist who has been recording since 2013. His music has been described as celestial, evocative, and penetrating. After the tragic loss of his brother in 2017, he needed an exploratory way to move through the grief. As a result, his music subtly changed and became more heart-centered, exploring the emotions of love and loss as well as the profound connection between our world and that of the spirit.


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Show Notes

  • Another dimension to express feelings - 3:00
  • When it all started - 4:18
  • What happened with his brother - 5:09
  • Recalling emotional memories - 8:29
  • Searching ways to accept his brother's death - 9:49
  • Scott's story - 10:58
  • Using music as therapy - 11:17
  • Seeing signs from the other side - 11:48
  • Transitioning to a healing process - 12:25
  • Feeling a mysterious presence - 14:27
  • Exploring a near-death experience helped Scott's grief process - 17:02
  • Creating new music for the grief process - 19:33
  • Lisa reads some cards for Scott - 22:05
  • Music as a way to bring focus - 23:00
  • Sharing our grief with others - 26:45
  • Lisa reads some cards about being your essence - 27:49

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