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Apr 17, 2019

Lisa Jones shares a few extracts from her book: “The Art of Living Happy After the Loss of a Loved One.” Join us as we listen to Lisa's incredible story of how her departed husband appeared before her on the night of Easter Eve.

Do you have an exploring death story you’d like to share with Lisa? Please leave a comment on the podcast or contact Lisa at

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Show Notes

  • An extract from her book - 0:37
  • Facing the first holiday without Ian - 1:00
  • Where to hide the Easter eggs - 1:09
  • Encountering Ian's ghost - 1:39
  • The night before Easter - 2:44
  • Feeling upset about a departed loved one - 4:42
  • Your loved ones are always with you - 5:18
  • Have a wonderful Easter day - 5:37
  • Lisa reads some cards about ghosts -  5:57
  • Our departed loved ones are gone and they are okay - 6:42
  • Your loved ones did not disappear they are with you in a different form - 7:40
  • Get in touch with Lisa Jones - 8:39

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