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Oct 17, 2018

Ned Matinnia has always been a sensitive and deep thinker. As a teenager, he questioned the purpose of living on Earth and found that near-death experiences were the only stories that gave him solace.


Ned is a software engineer by day and a seeker for the rest of the time. Since discovering near-death experiences, which he credits as saving his life, he has joined IANDS and served at many of their conferences, and also on their board of directors. He hosts the Near Death Experiences Facebook group with currently, as of this broadcast, about 31,000 members.


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Show Notes

  • The real reason people are seeking answers - 3:13
  • He tells us his experiences as a child - 3:38
  • Why he was so sensitive as a child - 4:36
  • Being afraid of people and the burden that carried - 5:50
  • Why am I here? - 7:25
  • How finding out near death experiences changed his life - 8:47
  • His process of learning about religions - 10:04
  • Why everything we do matters - 11:49
  • What he felt when he joined IANDS - 12:56
  • How everything is recorded and what that means to us - 13:30
  • Everything is reviewed in the future - 15:14
  • Finding out about Near Death Experiences changed his Life - 17:05
  • Why life in Earth is painful - 17:38
  • Lisa reads come cards for Ned - 20:40
  • The lesson of “you being you” - 21:30
  • Ned tells us "to put yourself in other's people shoes" - 24:20
  • Lisa reads some cards about what is the point for us being here in this Earth - 26:15


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