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Oct 10, 2018

When Ingrid Honkala was 3 years old she drowned in a tank of water and since then she’s been able to experience other dimensions of life. She was also gifted with the wise input of “Beings of Light” who gave her invaluable insights and assistance as she faced the challenges of growing up, falling in love, and finding her professional destiny as a research scientist and oceanographer.


Despite many hardships, she accomplished her dreams, becoming not just a successful marine scientist, world traveler, and a mom, but also a mentor and a giver of light. Through her compelling life adventure that journeys from her native Colombia to Europe and her eventual home in the United States — and from a deadly war zone to underwater explorations and a NASA research center — Ingrid reveals how any human experience can be illumined from within. If we are willing to pay attention to subtle signals, take our intuition seriously, and forgive our most challenging difficulties, anyone can experience a brightly guided life.


Throughout her life, Ingrid has been guided to meet and help many people on their journey to become aware of a deeper reality and reconnect with their inner wisdom.


Ingrid also wrote an autobiography: "A Brightly Guided Life: How a Scientist Learned to Hear her Inner Wisdom"; in which she reveals how after having a near death experience at the age of two, the first glimpses of heaven were revealed to her and the doors that allow her to communicate with Beings of Light were opened.


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Show Notes

  • Ingrid's connection with the "Beings of Life" - 2:11
  • Learn to ask the right questions a get the right answers - 4:11
  • Ingrid's disease when she was a kid - 4:40
  • Ingrid talks about her near-death experience -7:56
  • She tells us that she saw her body in the water - 8:59
  • Let the divine guidance do what have to do - 10:26
  • She tells us what she felt - 13:11
  • What's a Being of Light - 14:00
  • "We are guided" - 15:27
  • She tells us how she felt that she was being pulled back - 16:29
  • Everything has a purpose - 17:25
  • She talks about a Being of Light - 20:01
  • Ingrid tells us that she talked with the Beings of Light - 22:58
  • She tells us that she learned how to meditate - 26:03
  • Ingrid talks about two ways that you can live your life - 30:29
  • How to go back to life - 32:26
  • She tells us when she came back to her spiritual life - 33:52
  • She tells us that she went to India to see the Dalai Lama - 34:34
  • Awareness is the key to the light - 37:19
  • Everything starts with a question: "Why is this happening to me?" - 39:46
  • It's all about awareness - 40:17
  • Ingrid tells us to start little by little - 41:22
  • What makes you feel grateful makes you feel great - 41:51
  • She tells us that in all situations you have to ask you: what is this trying to teach me? - 47:53
  • Lisa reads some cards for Ingrid - 49:02
  • Ingrid tells us that we are just vehicles in this life - 52:27
  • Each one of us discovers the true essence of who we are - 53:38
  • Ingrid talks about her book and where you can find it - 55:09
  • Lisa reads some cards about her conversation with Ingrid - 56:57


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