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Jun 26, 2019

Do you believe in life after death? Then you can't miss the opportunity to listen to our special guest, Mary Hill, relate her unique and spiritual experiences as a Registered Nurse and Hospice Case Manager as she developed a close relationship with her patients, showing her the divine grace that accompanies the dying process as she assisted them to transition to the afterlife. Several of her patients kept their promise to appear to her after they passed, and this was evidence that life, or consciousness, continued after the physical body was left behind. Mary is the author of the book Messages from the Afterlife, and is a highly intuitive spiritual healer, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, and Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

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Show Notes

  • Death is an illusion - 4:40
  • The great work of hospices - 5:13
  • Serving in a hospice - 5:54
  • Songs from a patient: Carolyne - 8:00
  • Why she wrote her book - 11:33
  • It's like magic and divine grace - 16:12
  • The privilege of doing hospice work - 16:20
  • A special moment - 18:46
  • Lisa reads some cards for Mary - 19:16
  • What you can do to help - 22:50
  • It's okay to die - 24:00
  • Discussing death with her mom - 26:50
  • Everybody should pray and ask God to help them - 28:04
  • The importance of having a conversation with your beloved ones - 29:25
  • Get in touch with Mary - 31:04
  • why we come into this world and an important message - 32:00
  • Experiences in Maui - 35:44
  • Lisa reads some cards about following your heart - 37:52
  • When you are not following your heart, you are not in the flow - 39:30

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