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Oct 31, 2018

Mike Ergo served in the US Marine Corps from 2001-2005 as an infantryman. He is a licensed clinical social worker for the VA system. In his spare time, he races Ironman Triathlons carrying the names of his fallen Marine comrades on his jersey as well as a flag to honor a local Gold Star family, making sure they know that their loved ones have not been forgotten and they carry them in their hearts forever.


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Show Notes

  • Connecting to grieve - 2:54
  • Mike’s experience in Iraq - 3:53
  • The feelings he got while on a mission - 6:19
  • His out-of-body experience - 7:11
  • Dealing with the loss of friends - 9:30
  • Discussing PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) - 11:05
  • Things start to take off for Mike - 14:11
  • Quitting drugs and alcohol - 15:24
  • Mike’s surreal dream: a dream of profound love and connection to all - 16:10
  • Competing in the Ironman Triathlons - 23:23
  • Carrying the names of his fallen marine comrades - 29:18
  • The trauma of combat - 35:07
  • What is a Gold Star Family? - 41:30
  • Finding a way to connect with families - 42:19
  • Why transitions were important in Mike's life - 47:20
  • A card reading for Mike - 50:01
  • Introducing a special guest: Mike's daughter - 51:40
  • A final card reading regarding the lost of a loved one - 55:50


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