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Feb 12, 2020

Brother Ed has been described as an elder gentleman of compassion and wisdom with many mystical, spiritual and Near-Death stories.  He is described as a 'small-town, coastal Texas country white boy’ who has known life and death in many ways. His life’s mission is to enhance how we experience death and dying in our communities globally.

Having died from a car wreck, a drowning, and a surgical accident, as well as losing his first wife to drowning and a daughter to suicide, Ed has devoted much of his life to serving the dying and their families. With careers of corporate ‘computer golden boy’, nursing home orderly, yoga coach, hospice minister, and funeral Director; Brother Ed continues to serve when called.

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Show Notes

  • Brother Ed's life mission - 2:13
  • "We do not die" - 3:22
  • Creating an institution around death - 4:42
  • Brother Ed's childhood - 5:44
  • Having questions about his life and struggles - 8:48
  • He found answers for every question he had about his life experiences -  9:21
  • Witnessing many life-changing experiences during his life - 16:53
  • There are consequences for everything we think and do - 17:19
  • We are all interconnected - 20:41
  • Ed's first and second Near-Death experiences - 21:37
  • What happened after his wife died - 26:56
  • Feeling the sense of grief - 32:34
  • A painful experience that was also a gift - 34:32
  • Practicing two-way prayer -  36:51
  • How he found the source of our being  - 38:55
  • Being part of the spiritual seeking community - 39:41
  • Lisa reads some cards for Brother Ed - 41:52
  • The “in-between frequency” - 42:24
  • Helping make the idea of death more open - 47:40
  • Lisa reads some cards about having clarity in your life without having a Near-Death experience - 48:55

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