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Mar 4, 2020

Ann-Marie Murzin is an attorney who had a life-changing near-death experience.  After this startling wake-up-call, she shifted away from litigation to help clients explore death and protect their loved ones through estate planning. Ann-Marie is a lawyer who practices from a place of love; who knows that there is life here, and beyond.

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Show Notes

  • Her near-death experience - 3:54
  • Estate planning as her passion - 5:40
  • Why some people are reluctant when it comes to estate planning - 6:03
  • Doing something to help families - 6:47
  • Having a wake-up-call - 7:00
  • Aspects of estate planning - 10:29
  • Get your estate plan before you get diagnosed - 11:45
  • Litigation vs. estate planning - 13:15
  • Do your homework before contacting an estate planner - 14:12
  • Looking at the beneficiaries - 15:40
  • What are you trying to accomplish? - 16:10
  • Using the law to protect your loved ones - 16:28
  • An example to understand a beneficiary - 19:39
  • Protect your beloved ones with an estate plan - 27:16
  • Lisa reads some cards for Ann-Marie - 28:21
  • The worst-case scenario is not having an estate plan - 29:53
  • The law should work for you - 33:43
  • Lisa reads some cards about getting your estate plan done - 36:02

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