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Oct 24, 2018

A profound near-death experience that changed the life of Tricia Barker when she was just a senior studying at the University of Texas. Join us as Tricia shares her amazing story of learning to walk again and her newfound passion for teaching English in public schools and colleges using the lessons of love and guidance she obtained from her trip to the other side.


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Show Notes

  • Tricia’s experience at the University of Texas - 2:20
  • The spinal cord accident - 3:24
  • Tricia’s description of her “Spirit Form” - 5:12
  • How it feels to meet God - 5:26
  • The angels worked through the surgeons - 6:38
  • An out-of-body experience - 7:00
  • Feeling love for the human race - 8: 04
  • The purity of the afterlife- 9:30
  • Feeling peace and joy when being near God - 11:50
  • A river surrounded by souls - 12:54
  • Becoming a teacher, a newfound passion - 13:23
  • Coming back as a different person - 14:28
  • God is different than what has been said - 16:16
  • The influence of angels on her teaching experience -  21:47
  • What to do if you have lost a loved one and how to connect with that person - 24:08
  • An advice on grieve - 24:26
  • Tricia’s card reading - 30:37
  • Having love and compassion for other people -  33:00
  • How to get in touch with Tricia- 36:36
  • “Love on Earth” a lesson to learn through the cards- 38:27
  • When are we truly free? - 40:40


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