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Feb 28, 2018

Laura Kelly has a mission in life to strengthen women and encourage others as they face hardships and tragedies. As she has battled cancer within her family and having gone through a double mastectomy you’ll hear her empowering words and courageous spirit in this interview.


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Show Notes

  • Laura’s superpower and background - 1:01
  • Her awakening moment and family battles with cancer - 2:15
  • How she reacted to her entire family passing away from cancer - 4:20
  • Why she decided to have a double mastectomy and how it brought her closer to her husband - 6:40
  • Laura’s spiritual background - 11:21
  • Why so many people are holding onto suffering and afraid to let it out - 15:11
  • Her favorite signs from those who have passed away - 16:35
  • How she transitioned from the ice cream business to guiding and coaching - 20:04
  • Lisa doing a reading for Laura - 21:42
  • Laura’s secrets for grief relief - 24:46
  • Why you should ask for signs and ask the Universe to provide - 26:44
  • How to view grief as a gift - 31:22
  • Listener reading about grief and death - 34:30


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