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Nov 21, 2018

Susan was born clairvoyant and doubted her sanity for most of her life. Thanks to chronic lyme disease, a near-death experience changed everything! She now believes that you are God temporarily embodied and temporarily unaware. Her mission? To help you remember! Today, Susan is a champion of women’s spirituality, she empowers awakening women through one-on-one spiritual mentorships, inspirational speaking and her Facebook community, Divining Women.

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Show Notes

  • Being a spiritual seeker - 1:57
  • Her near-death experience - 2:40
  • I felt a God-like freedom - 6:30
  • God asked Susan: Do you want to stay or go? - 8:06
  • Susan tells us what she wants to share with the world - 16:42
  • Everything is God - 19:03
  • Lisa reads some cards for Susan - 25:29
  • Focusing on what you want regardless of anybody else - 26:55
  • Allow yourself to feel whatever is there - 29:35
  • Lisa reads some cards about the idea that you are God - 32:10
  • You need to find what is your own inspiration - 33:28


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