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Jan 1, 2020

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC is an author, counselor with a master’s degree in clinical psychology, holistic chiropractic physician, frequent media guest, and workshop/webinar teacher. He attended theology school, majoring in pastoral counseling, and trained in suicide prevention.  Mark directs The SoulPhone Foundation, founded Greater Reality Living groups, and is a research assistant for the SoulPhone Project. His mission is to help you know and show that – no matter what is happening to you or around you – your earthly experience is a totally safe, meaningful, and magnificent adventure amidst forever.  To learn more, visit,, and 

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Show Notes

  • An amazing podcast on the first day of 2020 - 2:34
  • How he got into the idea of connecting to the other side - 4:00
  • Top mediums in the country - 7:07
  • An indication that explains the afterlife - 7:35
  • Having a soul keyboard - 10:41
  • A message for skeptical people - 11:45
  • Open the mind and believe - 14:49
  • Life is a magnificent adventure - 15:46
  • Wanting to prepare people to understand better the afterlife - 18:49
  • Lisa reads some cards for Mark - 19:50
  • People that receive messages from the other side - 21:10
  • Life is an adventure - 23:50
  • Fear around death? - 25:15
  • Greater reality living groups - 27:00
  • Form a group in your area and contact Mark! - 28:30
  • Contact Mark and learn about the connection with the other side - 30:07
  • Lisa reads some cards about Soul Phone - 32:08
  • Connecting with people of another dimension - 33:30
  • What beings of love and light have to say about this topic - 34:09

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