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Feb 7, 2018

Kayden Radhe accepted the calling to start Blue Bottle Love and share the gift of water and consciousness with the world. In this episode Kayden and Lisa talk about the magical elements of water and why water is a conscious being that blesses our lives in so many ways.


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Show Notes

  • Where Lisa and Kayden connected - 1:37
  • How Kayden got started with Blue Bottle Love - 2:22
  • Why all water is connected and a living conscious being - 5:39
  • The water code and the impact it made on Kayden - 6:42
  • Ho'oponopono and how water heals - 9:02
  • Water consciousness - 11:51
  • How blue water saved Lisa’s plan - 13:33
  • Why plastic bottles aren’t the best thing for water - 15:33
  • Lisa doing a reading for Kayden - 22:25
  • How you can help get Blue Bottles all over the world - 27:25
  • Why she is hands on in her business and committed to expanding consciousness -  30:33
  • How a shattering blue bottle was actually a blessing - 35:29
  • Bonus reading for listeners about consciousness of water - 38:24


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