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Aug 28, 2019

Brant Huddleston is the host of the podcast and blog “Dance Past Sunset” for active, older adults who want to enjoy peak life experiences well into and even past their sunset years. As a boomer, he is chin-deep in all the issues that affect his generation, staying healthy so he can travel, caregiving for an ailing parent, being there for his kids and grandkids, deciding future care preferences, and how to pay for it all.

On each of his shows, he interviews an expert who shares best practices, tools, tips, and technologies for how to make the most of our best years of life…and even learn about the afterlife. 

Do you have an exploring death story you’d like to share with Lisa? Please leave a comment on the podcast or contact Lisa at 

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Show Notes

  • Dance to Death afterlife podcast - 1:50
  • Talking about his mom - 3:20
  • Rebranding his podcast: Dance Past Sunset - 4:07
  • His mom still alive at 94 - 5:32
  • Confronting death is always difficult - 7:29
  • Little deaths - 9:59
  • Dating and the older years - 10:54
  • Things that you learn when you are with older people -  13:33
  • Thinking of things more short term - 16:08
  • Make the most of every moment - 18:30
  • Lisa reads some cards for Brant - 20:39
  • Words of love, a beautiful documentary - 23:43
  • Get in touch with Brant - 25:35
  • Lisa reads some cards about dating - 27:02
  • Look at yourself to see who you are - 28:30
  • A message from the beings of love and light - 29:50

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