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Dec 27, 2017

Carolyn Golbus recently moved to Maui to be more connected with herself, spirit and the world of abundance around her. Together Lisa and Carolyn talk about worthiness, attraction, uniqueness and our own identity. They talk about how we can learn to create breakthroughs and make friends with the fear and embrace all that’s around us.


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Show Notes

  • Carolyn’s background and the book she’s working on - 1:27
  • Why she’s always been fascinated with spirituality - 5:30
  • How so many people get caught in the success trap - 6:49
  • We identify with our world of form… until we don’t - 7:35
  • Don’t run away. Create. - 8:45
  • Why you are so unique - 10:08
  • Tapping into your inner desires - 12:30
  • Our own view of worthiness - 16:55
  • How to breakthrough the fear - 18:14
  • Allowing everyone to be in their process - 22:20
  • Using forgiveness as a vehicle of peace - 23:02
  • How people can feel like they are enough - 25:21
  • The moment when we realize our purpose - 31:21
  • Lisa doing a reading for Carolyn - 33:00


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