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Oct 3, 2018

Stilt walker, national speaker, and best selling author, counselor, Rev. Peter Panagore, M.Div., just finished fifteen years broadcasting in Maine and New Hampshire on two NBC stations as devotional writer, and storyteller, bringing daily hope, inspiration, and light into the middle of the morning news getting thirty million views a year. He has written several books: Two Minutes for God: Quick Fixes of the Spirit, Heaven Is Beautiful: How Dying Taught Me That Death Is Just The Beginning, Chicken Soup For Veteran’s Soul, (New York Times #1 Best Seller), and one story, Former Enemies.


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Show Notes

  • Peter talks about how he is a stilt walker - 2:06
  • How he makes 30 million views a year on video - 3:17
  • Peter talks about how his two near-death experiences changed his life - 5:07
  • He tells us the biggest change in his life - 6:52
  • "I came back for love" - 8:23
  • Peter tells us that love never dies - 11:45
  • He talks about grieving - 13:46
  • How to have faith in God to believe that life does not end - 15:00
  • Tools to help you: Meditation and Pray - 17:52
  • The love that we give to each other belongs to God - 22:19
  • Why you have to be in your pain - 23:30
  • Peter talks about the Bible - 26:20
  • He tells us what it's "coming back"? -29:54
  • Peter talks about going to Hell when he went to the other side and what that experience was all about - 31:14
  • "Everyday I know I cause people's pain" - 35:54
  • On the other side, there's no pain - 37:28
  • Lisa reads some cards for Peter - 38:05
  • Peter recommends to Love the people around us - 40:18
  • Lisa pulls some cards about Faith - 42:26

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