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Jun 5, 2019

Growing up Carolyn often saw spirits and had psychic experiences. However, it wasn’t until her NDE due to meningitis in 2011, that she experienced a sudden transition into full blown mediumship. Her abilities were magnified as she developed a boundless ability to communicate with spirits between two worlds. Though she had returned from the next world, her connection remained.Carolyn is now known both nationally and internationally as The Next World Medium. She is an evidential and medical medium, who has located missing people both deceased and alive, and has found illnesses or ailments in many, which have then been validated and confirmed by medical doctors.

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Show Notes

  • Carolyn's near-death experience - 2:07
  • Seeing spirits - 2:40
  • Spirits in her childhood house - 3:17
  • Bringing messages from the other side - 5:05
  • Living with her son while she had meningitis - 5:59
  • Receiving messages from the other side - 11:50
  • The importance of 11/11/11 for Carolyn - 15:20
  • A full recovery - 16:18
  • Medical mysteries - 17:30
  • Unique experiences - 21:41
  • Negative experiences around death - 22:30
  • Messages from the other side - 27:02
  • Crossing over to the other side - 31:46
  • Lisa reads some cards for Carolyn - 32:48
  • Carolyn's medium experience- 35:17
  • There are always going to be skeptics - 36:00
  • Carolyn's  medium experience - 37:11
  • A piece of advice: always trust your intuition - 39:27
  • You have to listen to your own intuition and your own path - 40:38
  • Carolyn gives a message to Lisa from the other side - 43:09
  • Lisa reads some cards about near-death experiences and death - 44:30
  • Embracing the whole idea of death - 49:00

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